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Living Things Living Things

Yoon Suk One will open a solo exhibition ‘Living Things' at Research & Art Gallery of KAIST, Seoul on Dec.12th to Feb. 7th. 2019. Yoon Suk One exhibits the series, ‘Dry Plant” which is objects that we are easily face in surrounding environments and that the artist has insights into the meanings inherent in life, existence and extinction.
Title of exhibition: Living Things
Venue: Research & Art Gallery, KAIST, Seoul, Korea.
Date: Dec. 12. 2018 - Feb. 7. 2019
Opening & Artist’s talk:  12. 14. 2018 (Fri) 12pm
윤석원 작가의 개인전 ‘살아가는 것들’이 KAIST 경영대학, Research & Art Gallery에서 오는 12월 12일부터 2019년 2월 7일까지 개최됩니다. 이번 전시에서는 존재와 소멸을 초월하는 삶의 이치를 전하고자한 윤석원 작가의 ‘마른 식물(Dry Plant)’ 시리즈가 전시됩니다.  

전시 제목: 살아가는 것들
전시 장소: KAIST 경영대학 Supex 경영관 2F 'Research & Art Gallery', 서울, 한국
전시 기간: 2018. 12. 12  - 2019. 2. 7
Opening & Artist’s talk: 2018. 12. 14. (Fri) 12pm

Open studio of SeMA Nanji Residency Open studio of SeMA Nanji Residency

Anna Han’s Open studio of SeMA Nanji Residency runs from Nov. 23rd till Nov. 25th.  SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY is a residency program operated by the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) that was launched in 2006 after remodeling unused facilities in Nanji Hangang Park. Conceived as a means of supporting capable artists and researchers in Korea, the Residency organizes exhibitions such as the 'NANJI ART SHOW' and 'Art Critic Workshop', and runs other programs designed to enhance exhibitions and research capability.

Venue: SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY, Seoul, Korea
Date:  Nov. 23rd (Fri) 2 - 7 pm
           Nov. 24th (Sat) 2 - 6 pm
           Nov. 25th (Sun) 2 - 6 pm
애나 한 작가의 난지미술창작스튜디오, 12기 오픈스튜디오가 11월 23일부터 11월 25일까지 개최됩니다. 서울시립미술관에서 운영하는 레지던시 프로그램으로서 난지미술창작스튜디오는 국내의 역량있는 미술가 및 연구자를 양성하는데 힘쓰고 있습니다.

장소: 난지미술창작스튜디오, 서울, 한국
기간: 11.23(금) 오후 2시 - 7시
         11.24(토) 오후 2시 - 6시
         11.25(일) 오후 2시 - 6시 Read more

In motion: Yoon Hwan Bae and Umber Majeed Animation Screening In motion: Yoon Hwan Bae and Umber Majeed Animation Screening

Please join AAAinA for an evening of screenings and discussion, featuring two artists who use animation as part of their larger practice. Umber Majeed will present an excerpt from her The Atomically Explosive Love (2018) series and In The Name of Hypersurface of the Present (2018). Yoon Hwan Bae will show two stop-motion animations: Road to Studio B (2018) and Self-Portrait (2017). The conversation following the screenings will explore the possibilities inherent in animation’s transdisciplinary nature, as well as how this medium shapes the artists’ narrative impulse.

Title of Program: In motion: Yoon Hwan Bae and Umber Majeed Animation Screening
Venue: Asia Art Archive in America(AAAinA), Brooklyn, USA 
Date: Nov. 20, 2018, 7:00 - 8:30pm
배윤환 작가와 Umber Majeed(파키스탄 출신, 뉴욕 활동)의 영상 작품 스크리닝 및 아티스트 토크 프로그램이 브루클린의 Asia Art Archive in America에서 11월 20일 오후 7시에 시작됩니다. 이번 프로그램에서 배윤환 작가는 스탑모션 애니매이션 두 작품, Road to Studio B (2018), Self-Portrait (2017)을 상영할 예정입니다.
프로그램 명: In motion: Yoon Hwan Bae and Umber Majeed Animation Screening
장소: Asia Art Archive in America, 브루클린, 미국
일시: 2018, 11, 20, 7:00 - 8:30pm Read more

From Saturday to Friday From Saturday to Friday

Hoh Woo Jung's solo exhibition 'From Saturday to Friday' will be on view in Cheongju Art Studio from November 16th to 28th. This exhibition is an annual project by Cheongju Art Studio's artists under the title, 'Artist Relay.'

Title of Exhibition: From Saturday to Friday
Venue: Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea
Exhibition Date: Nov. 16 - Nov. 28, 2018 
허우중 작가의 개인전 ‘토요일부터 금요일까지’가 청주미술창작스튜디오에서 11월 16일부터 28일까지 개최됩니다. 본 전시는  매년 '아티스트 릴레이'라는 타이틀로 이어지는 청주미술창작스튜디오 입주 작가들의 프로젝트 전시입니다.

전시 제목: 토요일부터 금요일까지
전시 장소: 청주미술창작스튜디오, 청주
전시 기간: 2018. 11. 16  - 11. 28 Read more

So Near And Yet So Far So Near And Yet So Far

Kohn Gallery presents Rosa Loy’s solo exhibition, So Near And Yet So Far, from November 9th to January 2019. As one of major gallery in LA, Kohn Gallery has presented historically significant exhibitions since its establishment in 1985. In this exhibition, each work delves deeply into the realm of fairy tale and mythology, with Medieval, religious and operatic references. In doing so, Loy mines long-held expectations of gender and femininity, recasting them in a contemporary sense but unspecific, familiar but also wholly fantastical, artistic contexts.

Title of Exhibition: So Near And Yet So Far
Venue: Kohn Gallery, LA, USA
Exhibition Date: Nov. 9. 2018 - Jan. 2019

로사 로이(Rosa Loy)의 개인전, So Near And Yet So Far 전시가 LA, Kohn 갤러리에서 11월 9일부터 2019년 1월까지 이어집니다. Kohn 갤러리는 1985년 개관 이래 현대 미술사의 주요 전시를 기획한 미서부의 대표 갤러리이며, 이번 전시는 동화, 신화, 중세, 종교, 오페라 등의 요소에서 발췌된 소재들을 작가 특유의 현대 여성성을 주제로 풀어낸 섬세하고 환상적인 이야기의 전시가 될 것으로 기대됩니다.

전시 제목: So Near And Yet So Far
전시 장소: Kohn Gallery, 로스앤젤레스, 미국
전시 기간: 2018. 11. 9  - 2019. 1 Read more