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March 29, 2013 - May 11, 2013

From March 29th to May 11th, Gallery Baton is showing Unintended Consequences, a solo exhibition of Tobias Lehner (b.1974) who comes from a background of Leipzig tradition of figurative painting. The artist is expanding his international recognition through unique style of figurative painting.

Neo Rauch (b. 1960) as their principal axis, the Leipzig painters, as they are evaluated as the 21st century’s first bona fide artistic phenomenon, establish nutritive elements from the historical fact as coming from East Germany (1949-1990) area and freshly express the tradition of figurative painting which is Old Leipzig School’s legacy. In a short period of time, the Leipzig painters have emerged as mainstream forces of contemporary art and have risen as one of the major leading groups that have brought Neo-Renaissance to international painting world. 

Given this climate, the world of Tobias’s works based on abstract painting and the steady rise in his popularity as the leading artist of Leipzig painters seem unconventional. The art world of East Germany stayed under the influence of Socialist Realism for a considerable amount of period due to its geopolitical characteristics. During that period, abstract painting was relatively neglected because of the intrinsic nature of abstract painting: ambiguity of subject matter, intimacy of meaning, and autonomy of interpretation. Therefore, Tobias, who has pursued his own abstract painting from this art historical environment, is significant as he establishes a few important windows that show the link from the characteristics of Leipzig abstract painting to the traditional painting style.

First of all, his works are restricted as much as possible from improvisation which is the technical pivot of abstract painting. The combination of brightly colored, unspecified sides and lines is key element to his works, but each of these images is delicately controlled by the artist, rather than swimming freely on the canvas. 

Although the fractal structure existing in nature seems irregular at first glances, like morphological patterns can be interpreted through sophisticated mathematical approach, Tobias develops visual effects in which each organism locates itself with its own space and role. He elicits this effect from depicting the overlap of surfaces and the position of each layer like a pre-set. Even the drippings are kept under regular intervals and patterns, and this acts as a metronome to remind the swimming images of the flowing time or as a basis for giving flexibility to the tight control which can be seen solemn.

Tobias publicly reveals that music is an important motif in his work, and his interest in the visualization of music’s spread into the space with air as its medium is one example. In particular, the images added onto the concentric circle at the bottom most layer are expressed like free organisms on the canvas as music spreads into the air. The images look like a tributary to the river that flows into the wetlands. They are complex but lead to the intended visual inspiration. 

Overall, the distinct contrast between abstract images and geometric figures and the organic harmony woven out of the images, spreading like music, and surrounding empty spaces are essential. 

Tens of instruments perform difficult contemporary music through concerto, but talented conductor pinpoints the scarcely revealed rhythm and tone with skillful control. Likewise, Tobias explores the potential of abstract painting and takes another step forward from the traditional foundation of Leipzig. The nine new works of Tobias can be seen at Gallery Baton from March 29th through May 11th.  - GB -
갤러리 바톤에서는 현재 라이프찌히에서 활발히 작품활동을 하면서 국제적인 인지도를 제고하고 있는 Tobias Lehner (토비아스 레너)의 아시아 첫번째 개인전 “Unintended Consequences”展을 3월 29일부터 5월 11일까지 개최한다.

Tobias Lehner (b. 1974, German, lives and works in Leipzig)의 작품은 음악이 전달 매개체인 공기를 타고 공간으로 펴져나가는 방식의 시각화를 추구한다.

음악은 그에게 영감의 원천이자 그의 작품 세계를 관통하는 주제이기도 하다. 이미지들은 음악이 공기 중으로 퍼져나가듯 자유로운 유동체가 되어 캔버스 위에 표현되었고, 마치 습지로 흘러드는 강의 지류와 같은 형태를 띄며 복잡하고 촘촘한 시각적 효과를 준다. 전체적으로 추상적인 이미지들과 기하학적 도형간의 뚜렷한 대비, 그리고 음악이 흐르듯 퍼져나가는 이미지들이 인접한 빈 공간과의 엮어내는 유기적 하모니를 표현하고 있다.

갤러리 바톤은 2011년 가을 개최한 ‘Leipzig Painters’展에서 ‘21세기 최초의 진정한 예술적 현상(The 21st century’s first bona fide artistic phenomenon)이라는 평가와 함께 90년대 이후 세계 미술시장에서 주목을 받고 있는 독일 라이프찌히의 대표작가 그룹전을 개최하였고 이후 2012년 2월 라이프찌히를 기반으로 활발히 작품 활동을 이어가고 있는 4명의 젊은 작가를 추가로 소개하였다 (‘Leipzig Painters II’ 展). 이번 Tobias Lehner의 개인전은 ‘Leipzig Painters II’展 당시, 그의 작품들에 대한 미술 애호가들의 뜨거운 관심에 부응코자 기획되었으며 2013년 그의 최신작을 만나 볼 수 있는 기회이다.  -GB-